Gas Line Repair

A broken gas line isn't like a leaky faucet that you can put off fixing until you get around to it. It is something that needs to be resolved immediately. This is especially true of spotting a gas leak in your home. With over 15 years of experience, Anytime Companies, Inc. are experts in the field. Here are the our top tips for dealing with gas leak detection in your home or business:

Treat any natural gas leak as an emergency

As a safety precaution, a distinctive sulfur-like odor is added to natural gas to help people identify gas leaks. If at anytime you suspect a gas leak, you should leave the area and call 911 immediately.

Never attempt to repair a gas line yourself

When the emergency teams have left, Anytime Companies, Inc. can repair the damage and get your gas turned back on. Gas line repairs should always be done by a licensed professional plumber.

So remember – call our qualified plumbers and get your gas leak secured quickly and safely.

Gas line installation

At Anytime Companies we also offer gas line installation for almost any gas appliance, such as stoves, cooktops, barbecues, water heaters, and more. Remember, our qualified technicians also fully understand gas line installation for restaurant equipment and other commercial-grade appliances, so don't hesitate to call for estimates for your business as well!

Whether you are in need of a minor fix, major repair or installations, Anytime Companies is the right choice for your gas piping needs. We provide complete commercial and residential gas line repair and gas line installation from start to finish.