Drain Cleaning Products Southeast Florida

RootX and Bio-Clean

Here at Anytime Companies, Inc., we offer the best services and stand behind the best products.  For your most troublesome drain cleaning, sewer repair, and root removal problems, we find that there are two products in particular that do the trick the first time, every time.  Take a minute to learn more about two of our best products that we stand behind.

RootX:  The Root Intrusion Solution

clogged sewer pipe can be a huge headache and roots are one of the most common and troublesome causes. Roots can enter your pipes through the tiniest of cracks and grow and spread quickly, threatening the health of your sewer or plumbing system.  Clearing the roots away will only solve the problem temporarily, because the roots will continue to grow back and cause future problems. By using RootX, the roots will be eliminated from your pipes, keeping them clean for two whole years.  RootX kills the roots in your pipes, which then decay over time, returning your pipes just short of their original capacity.  Most importantly, it will not destroy your pipes, water systems, or any surrounding vegetation.  RootX products contain no metam sodium, copper, or diquat.

Bio-Clean:  Waste Eliminator

Bio-Clean is a highly recommended drain cleaner serving many functions to improve and restore the quality of your plumbing system.  It is made from all natural, non-genetically engineered enzymes with the purpose of eliminating pipe and tank build ups and removing foul drain smells and other disposable odors.  Bio-Clean does not deteriorate inorganic plumbing materials, which would include plastic or metal.  It is used to clear and restore all drains, including household drains, and can also be used in your septic system.  Other perks of using Bio-Clean is that is it not poisonous and it does not create heat or fumes.